global sim card

One SIM card in all 3 sizes for use in multiple countries

Save up to 80% calling & surfing worldwide

Get a pre-paid international SIM card and save on voice and data roaming costs

Avoid High International Roaming Charges

Lowest roaming charges in over 180 countries

Includes a UK +44 global number with the option to add additional local numbers for many countries

Order your Urworld traveller SIM starter pack for only



€12 pre-loaded credit

Free delivery in SA

Standard, micro or nano SIM

prepaid sim
international sim card

As used by:

prepaid sim card

 Use a single SIM card which automatically switches between multiple virtual SIMs as you travel.

Personal Local Numbers

No Contract

You are not bound to any contract & you may cancel your service at any time without any paperwork.

global sim card

The validity of your SIM card depends on usage - by using the SIM regularly it will not expire.

A Single Global SIM Card For Telephony, SMS & Data At The Best Possible Rates

No Hidden Costs

With your Urworld SIM, you know exactly what you are spending & there are no surprise charges.

Subscribe to local numbers so that local contacts can call you on a local number at local rates.

global sim card

Extended Validity

prepaid sim card

Device Compatibility

Perfect for use on any non-SIM-locked mobile phone, tablet, computer or Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Single SIM

global sim

The Urworld global SIM card automatically connects you to the most convenient & cheapest network provider in each country you visit

Compatible with all leading mobile phones & tablets with No-SIM-Lock

No extra charges such as network connection costs, billing charges, user account charges etc.

prepaid sim card

Starter pack includes €12 preloaded credit plus SIM card

FREE incoming calls

Seamless Connectivity For €20!

FREE delivery in South Africa

Easily top up airtime, check your airtime balance and manage your account via the Urworld app,

powered by Noi Box.

Check Rates Fast

Easy To Manage

At Home Or Abroad

The Urworld SIM card offers cost efficient mobile communication at home and overseas. Calling, texting and surfing, all with attractive prepaid prices and packages.

prepaid sim card

Low-cost voice, data, SMS and VoIP rates for every country can be viewed any time, anywhere directly within the app.

Easy sign up, only proof of ID required

Technology backed up by NAKA AG in Switzerland

Easily stay connected to friends, family, colleagues and essential travel services without worrying about returning home to a huge phone bill

Unique single SIM service

Why Choose Urworld SIM?

Dedicated support team

prepaid sim card
global sim card
Global sim card

''After using Urworld SIM on my holiday last year, I have recommended it to all my customers''

'' I visit China every month to meet with my suppliers & have saved thousands in roaming costs thanks to  my Urworld SIM''

''Thanks to Urworld SIM, I don't have to give up my social media addiction when I travel. Honestly amazing ''

Satisfied Clients

Patricia Sfisu - Business Traveller

Joanie King - Leisure Traveller

Global sim card
Global sim card

Dane Verster - Travel Agent

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global sim card